Lisa, an eighth grader living in the Lehigh Valley, was struggling deal with her stressful situation. She had transferred schools in the middle of the year and was juggling a chaotic home life and adjusting to a new school. Being the oldest of her siblings in a single parent household, Lisa was trying to help care for her little brothers and sisters while helping her mom take care of the home.

When Lisa was referred to CIS, it was clear that she had amazing leadership potential, but the stress she was under was manifesting itself in physical pain such as headaches and stomach aches.

She couldn’t focus in class and was unmotivated to learn. The CIS Site Coordinator arranged for Lisa to start seeing a counselor to help her manage her stress. The Site Coordinator checked in regularly with Lisa, encouraging her, and engaging her with credit recovery, homework help, and tutoring sessions. Lisa found outlets in art therapy and mindfulness practices.

As Lisa was empowered to make positive choices in her life, she wanted to give back to the community. She joined the school choir, started a student-led mindfulness moment in the few minutes before class, and proved to be a wonderful role model for her peers. She is now motivated to learn and improving her grades with each quarter. Lisa has said that she is so thankful for all that she has learned and how much she has grown emotionally.

CIS would like to thank our community for supporting students like Lisa. Every donation enables CIS to aid in the success and empowerment of students throughout Berks, Lehigh, and Northampton counties.