The Communities In Schools 40th Anniversary & 2017 Leadership Town Hall will be held in Los Angeles from May 10th to May 12th 2017. CIS leaders from across the country will join prominent education thought leaders, policy makers, and key school district leaders to discuss community solutions that addresses both academic and nonacademic needs of students so they can stay in school and achieve in life.

Tim Mulligan, President/CEO of CIS Lehigh Valley, and Jill Periera, Senior Director of Education for United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, will discuss how CIS and Community Schools are working in partnership to serve a diverse region. They will present about how the relationship has moved from operating the CIS model and the United Way Community School model independently to collaborating to maximize school and student outcomes. They will share how the organizations have shared best practices and created a joint plan forfurthering the community school movement in the region. In addition, they will share the process for educating each organization on the CIS and Community School models, and how each model possesses strengths for generating school-wide change. They will also share how they have designed a general framework for implementation that includes both models and share outcomes from schools where both CIS and CS models have been working together with CIS leadership for robust school-wide, group-level, and individualized services.

Jessica Baker is the Directors of Operations of CIS Lehigh Valley. Her presentation will focus on the practice of self-care and self-regulation for the professional who is working with children with trauma, mental health issues, and social and emotional learning. She will emphasize how mental health promotion is crucial in the development of students and the retention of healthy staff. This training will support school support teams, supervisors and Program Directors with self-care modalities that can be implemented into a practice within their schools and affiliates.

Ryan Gruber, who is a Site Coordinator of Reading Intermediate High School of CIS Lehigh Valley, will also be presenting at the conference. His presentation will focus on how CIS Site Coordinators can provide a safe space and a supportive adult to meet the needs of the many LGBT+ youth served by the organization. Ryan will lead the participants in a review of the implications of growing up LGBT+ and provide them with tools and interventions for their site programming for empowering all youth. This will include strategies for all tiers of support which includes school-wide programming, classroom presentations, group facilitation, student activities, and individual supports.

As always, the CIS of the Lehigh Valley team looks forward to sharing in learning best practices from colleagues throughout the national network. This annual celebration helps to keep the latest and most successful evidence-based practices in the schools served in Berks, Lehigh, and Northampton Counties. Moreover, it is exciting to have so many members of the team featured as presenters sharing their own innovations at the national conference this year. Best of luck to Tim, Jessica, and Ryan in Los Angeles!