Your voice and your vote are among the most powerful tools in our political system. Public policy decisions are being made every day at the federal, state, and local level. Communities In Schools can help you be heard.

Look up who your state representatives are by entering in your home address. When you have concerns about education policy in your state, feel free to call or write your representative. Be sure to be clear about your concerns and to state your name and the city or town in which you reside. Similarly, you can voice such concerns to Senator Mike Folmer or Representative Stan Saylor who chair the Senate and House Education Committees respectively.

When acting as an advocate on behalf of the students in our schools, it is helpful to be aware of the current issues. Below are just some of the issues that pertain to our students and schools:

  • School funding in the State budget
  • Transportation to schools
  • Funding for afterschool programming

When legislators hear from organizations regarding their concerns about bills and amendments, they listen. When legislators hear directly from citizens about how specific issues are personally affecting them, they take action! Your voice can make a difference, so please take a few minutes to let them know exactly what’s on your mind.